The Demise of the Carrot

So you grow a creepy carrot from a carrot top, pick it the day before Halloween, write a story about it…and then what? Compost it? Preserve it in a shadow box? Offer it on ebay? I decided to eat it. As the passing stranger in the story said, “Good food should not go to waste.”

The first difficulty was peeling it. I mean, where do you start?

creepy carrot before cooking

The carrot before peeling

By hacking it into pieces (like the heroine of my story did to the carrot’s relatives) and taking very thick and liberal peelings, I was able to get enough bite-size pieces to cook with a nice straight, easy-to-peel parsnip for supper.

carrots and parsnips cooked together

The carrot, suitably chopped, cooked with parsnips

So I called my family and we sat down for supper. All I can say is it was a good thing I had made other food as well.

Because a carrot, once cursed, does not surrender lightly to its fate. We could not eat the carrot.

Are carrots grown from carrot tops different from the ones we are used to? Or was there more truth in my story than I thought? All I know for sure is that when we bit into the carrot’s tender flesh…inside were…bones.

bony carrots

carrots with bones


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