The Headache-Relieving Ice Wrap

So you get headaches. Me too. We all know that ice helps relieve the pain, but who has time to lie down for an hour or more just because your head hurts? So I came up with a solution. This amazing device is easy to make from things you probably already have, and allows you to treat your headache and move around at the same time!

Here’s how it works.

1. Take a forehead-sized ice pack from your kid’s lunch box. Or some frozen gel. Or some ice cubes in a baggie. Or some frozen peas in a baggie. You get the idea.

Various kinds of ice packs

Various kinds of ice packs

Ice cubes in a baggie

Ice cubes in a baggie

2. Good. Now find a long scarf that will fit around your head with enough left over to tie it on. Don’t use a thick winter scarf, because you won’t feel the cold through it, and that’s the whole idea of this exercise.

3. Wrap up  your chosen ice pack inside the scarf. First find the centre of the scarf lengthwise, and place the ice pack inside. Now fold the bottom of the scarf up to make a little pocket, and then fold the top down to cradle the ice pack comfortably.

Folding the scarf around the ice pack

fold the bottom up...

folding the scarf over again

...and fold the top down

4. If your ice pack is lumpy or heavy and you think it might fall out of your scarf, you can tie it in.

tie the ice pack inside

tie the ice pack inside

5. Pick up the scarf carefully and tie it around your head, making sure the ice is right on the part that hurts.

front view

back view of headache wrap
back view

Now here is the neat part about using your scarf. Remember how you folded it into thirds around the ice pack? That means that you can put it on with more or less scarf between the ice and your skin so it isn’t too cold, but it is cold enough to work.Got it?

  • If you want the ice really cold, place the single layer of your scarf against your skin.
  • If it’s too cold and you want to ease off a bit, place the double layer of scarf against your skin.
  • If it’s still too cold, tuck a folded tissue or two inside the scarf on the folded side.

As the ice pack warms up next to your skin, you can take the tissue out and turn the scarf around so the single side is against your skin. This also makes the ice last longer.

And that’s all there is to it!

folded gel pack makes a thick wrap!

folded gel pack makes a thick wrap!

also works for toothaches

also works for toothaches


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