Draco’s Child is Here!

Draco's Child, by Sharon Plumb

Draco's Child, by Sharon Plumb

Varia lives on a planet that revolves around a star in the constellation Draco. The planet is named Alsafi, which is Arabic for “cooking tripod”, a structure of sticks made for hanging a pot over the fire. As much as Varia dislikes the planet’s resultant nickname, the Kettle, right now she feels that it is a good description. She is caught in the middle of an ancient feud between a dragon who enjoys blasting fire and an alien that looks like a child but is made of fiery stars, and she must pick a side. In addition, her mother is shrinking back into a child, her father has caught a mysterious deadly disease, and shiny, scale-like growths are appearing on her shoulder where the dragon bit her. Can Varia find a way to fix all these problems and not get burned herself?

Find out  more at the Draco’s Child page.


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